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PTO/PTA Groups

I am a fervent believer in the importance of parent groups. My involvement in several parent advisory groups at the schools my kids attended was the spark that ignited my interest in education and ultimately led me to pursue a Ph.D. in that field.

Such groups provide tangible assistance to schools in myriad ways - helping to organize and chaperone school events, donating food or supplies, and sometimes even raising money.In addition, however, many parent organizations undertake additional tasks that are less tangible but, in my view, equally important. These include serving as a conduit for communication between parents and school administrators and advocating for students. I'd like to see parent organizations add parent education to their mission.

Please consider using your parent organization to help disseminate vital information to parents about college planning - and please make use of this website to do so.

You are welcome to link to the site, as long as you don't charge for access, and you're not required to notify me, though I'd appreciate a quick e-mail at ellen@hredconsulting.com.

            Here are some ways you might use it:

Place a link to the site on your group webpage.

If you have a Facebook page or Twitter account, post links to relevant blog articles.

Follow me on Twitter (@sidelinesguide) by clicking on the Twitter symbol on any page of the website, or retweet one of my posts.

I hope The Sidelines will be helpful to you and the parents you serve, and I thank you for all your efforts.


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